Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to burn the bridge that made out of steel..?

Dear all, quite interesting that this blog been read by you guys..and I think it's cool and I appreciate your thoughts and comments..

It makes me feel obliged to writes again..I know in public eyes, life as a hotelier not quite interesting and sometimes boring..we did eight hours and we anyone else..but the truth is a hotelier is much like an actor in the theater play..Lafite Restaurant taught me everything that I need to know in my early career..thanks to my sifu Huza Radzi, who gave me a bittersweet lessons..

As an actor in the need to look for appearances..looks..and attitudes..someone need to be a supporting actor to make the play well rehearsed..and let the crowds or the paying guests satisfied ..and the main actor like me should spice up a little bit of drama..magical and overcome the unsatisfaction crowds..

Everyday is a different crowd..and just like in a theater..we can't get away with our nerves and fears..and yes, it always happen and we had that moments but we shall not prolonged it for another day..or the play will getting hated and bored..and how about the romance?..the romance in our play not exactly like in the theater..yes we can show a little bit passions and loves..but in a friendly kind of ways..

And why all of this acting got to do with the title?

Don't get confused with the title..and yes it's nothing to do with the title..but this is my way to get your attention, right?

I know in this past few shown that I was so down with love.. heart broken..depressed.. and angered..and I think a lot about toughcookie written to my comments the other day and it wake me up, actually..and I guess I was wrongly decided to end without consulting and meet was a rush choice without checking the consequences on her I made up my mind and set for an evening dinner yesterday.. after nine days of hates and despairs we met again and chats..

It turns out that she was confused with her life and she want out..she want to go single-non-attached and be friend with everyone she met aka far I was listening to her side of story..of how ungrateful I was towards her..of how her tolerance toward me was not really been appreciated..of how my smssed that other night hurts her feeling and she was devastated and cried because of my hated words..

And what's my reactions?..what's my defenses?..what's my story to get away from all of this?..

to be continue..

Monday, February 23, 2009

A new chapter..but same old one..

The lifestyle of hoteliers were sometimes quite amazing..during working hours and after the shifts were totally different things..

Whenever at the premises of any hotel..hoteliers had a boundaries..a guidelines to follow and obey..standard of procedures to maintain the performances..and we live by rules and regulations..and to neglect any of this was like you threw the sand inside your rice cooker..that will be disaster..but surely everybody knew is written..

What is so amazing about our lifestyle after works?..well to start must have a connection..someone that had a influence in every details..a connection doesn't necessary need some money..most of the time..a connection need a good friendship..remember, this is all business..and when this oppurtunities arised.. hotelliers need to be friendly and charmed to everyone..and that were not only at the hotel to be precised but also at other places as well..but of course everybody know that..

The lifestyle after works is individual needs..perhaps for the old bachelor and now single and available guy like myself..I spent my quality time after works mostly on clubs and bars with my usual entourages is important to stick with a small crew of two or three don't wanna look like a troublemakers or a will definitely meet other hotelliers as well..

Last week my good friend of mine said that "we are like God at Centro"..yeah right!..after I got him the corkage prize of RM100 for a liter of Chivas..he owed me for that..and this two hot ladies on our sides..we dances, we drinks, we smokes all night the kings of a night..

What a night..a night that was the beginning of the end of an can I forget that moments..even the eight miss calls couldn't get me off the club..until it closed..damn..and I still can managed to walk alone to the coffee shop..watched my team Manchester United put three goals past Fulham's goalkeeper..and that was not even the end of the glory night..or the morning for whoever start working early..

I can miss that lifestyle after works..of course..
I'm sober for six day now..not a record yet..and I intend to start reading the book that she gave me on my least it will help to motivate me..

Because I knew it then and I knew it now..that no girl wanna love a drunken master ..well that's her statement actually..anyway like I care..perhaps the recent break off is my ace of eight call to change after all..

The United States of America's new President, Barack Obama..who now famous quote is "we can change"..and to be a half American myself..that's another story..this is a hint and sign to start a new chapter..

We will see about that.. be continue

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ode to my chosen one..

And what did I told you..
What did I told you..

Yeah..I been warned..and yet I still get caught in the act..I admits this time it look like no answer and solution..and I was judged and punished without my corcern..

It's like I don't have any say about this relationship and my words was not worth any cents..

Why can't she heard my side of story..of how my lacks of the not-so-user-friendly-yet PDA had jeopardise my ability to answered her eight miss calls..

of how my being with friends could also been the was not like I done it on purpose..

and how my apologized was been replaced with hated and angered..and what's about her..she think she was a Cindarella..

Come to my senses..I know the time will come..but I don't expect it to happen in this near time..the time when I felt bad and sad to bid farewell to my precious nephews who'd leaving to India for three years..the time when I really need a friend to talk to..and who was selfish now?

Arguing with you was such a waste of time..and if you really want this to end..then so long..farewell to you as well..and this time like you warned me for real..and I can live with or without you..

Once in this life..I thought I got the chosen one..but lucky I can go hunting again..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I need to clear the air about one status..It's seem that 'in relationship' status took a lot on my time with someone..I have to be in touch..connected..and act like a's a bit strange and unusual for me..It's been a while since I have a real girlfriend..if you know what I mean..

A real girlfriend..the one who can live with you in the happy and sorrow time..the one who can give a full attention and respect your freedom..the one who can ignore the past and carry on with present life..the one who can give a support and encourage you to be better man..the one who can lie to be honest..the one who can keep the secret between each other..

The one who is a lovely, a beautiful, a charming and a princess in heart and soul..

What a definition..the fact is I found that in someone already..but the truth is I afraid to fail the relationship again..I been warned in the past that you have to be open and wise..yeah, I guess I am more wiser now..more wiser to know the fact that nothing actually happen until you pop the question.."Do you want to marry me?''

Until it happen..that I know it depends and need my full focus and attention..I will keep and prolong this relationship until the sign is there..or until I get dump!

And I just been warned..

Friday, February 6, 2009

How to get from where you are to where you want to be.....

It seem weird this day..someone plant this idea in my head..and suddenly it become stuck inside my mind....and I try to google who is the person that had this idea..and coincidently..the message was a book title by the same name....and I get this book as a present for my it coincident now..or I'd been tag?

I'm not have a time to sit down and read the book's been a while since I finished my last reading..a novel by Mario Puzo's The Godfather..that was back in 2004..Oh..God..almost five years..most of the time I only read the book half way..and sometime I not read at all..just bought it for the fun of pleasure..

But this time is different..since the word became a motivation enough for me..thanks for the gift..I will read it..and try to comment about it on my next post..

I just hope the book not dusty when I finished it..