Saturday, August 30, 2008

Open letter to S.A.F.

This morning, I witness the defeat of Man U at Monte Carlo against Zenit St. Petersburg of Russia. Totally outplayed. It's a reality check for Man U to look for an alternative for Cristiano Ronaldo. Last season saw the champion depend too much on No. 7 for his goal scoring and play making. The truth is Man U need a well proven striker who can deliver goals when it needed most. Now it is time to buy someone that can score 20 goals per season before the transfer dateline closed on 1st September.
Buy Berbatov now!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saving? I need an accountant!

Is it hard to spend money? Sometime it so easy to blow our money away.. Buy some cute shirts, buy some cute pants, spend drinks with friends..clubbing, open bottles..etc..
But the main question is how to spend money in good way?
I really can't answer that..for me, money is like water, easy come and easy goes..
But one of this day, I will need to save my money..I intend to travel to Europe next year..If I can save like a thousand per month for six month..I can be at Moscow around April or May next year..If I can save less that that..five hundreds for example, maybe I can go visit my dearest friend at Hong Kong next year..But anyhow, I need to start saving..I'm planning to travel next year and I really hope my friends will understand that I can't spend like before..
I need someone who can guide me, be my accountant..