Sunday, March 15, 2009

All that I leave behind..

These days seem running in slow motion..for a couple of week..I was occupied with all the wine academy and wine tasting..with the operation of restaurant..and some potensial sales report to life quite busy at work, right now..

Coming to the wine team changed all my perception about life as a sommelier..

Years ago..when I joined Lafite..I never thought I will had the experiences with someone else other then my first mentor..but it seem now I will learn a great new environment, totally different from it's more into business orientation minded and I am lucky, I guess, to be part of that..

When the offer came last year..I don't take too much thought about the pros and cons..and I knew if I don't take will haunting me was an offer that I can't I took up the challenges and leave behind all my negatives thinking aside..

I like what I doing right now..although it is hard to catch up with the rest of team members..but they taught me to become independent..we are a small team of six team members..but we have a mission..the goal is to achieve our monthly sales target..and I want to get more involve on that..

I can't look back anymore..I need to be in full commitment..and set my own target..I have to read more about wine..I bought the book "Windows of the World"..and it's like a bible of said my boss..hope it will help me on the Q&A given..I just need to getting started..refresh my mind..forget all the boozes..and leave behind all the good, the bad and the ugly memories..because my new life have just begun.. be continued

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's been like a rollercoaster ride..

Finally I realizes that this past few days I was in denial..I thought I can make it right..but I was wrong..and now I am ready to accept the consequences..

I have to move on..I have to face the fact that all this time I was blind in choosing my direction..there's no way I can make this affair goes smoothly..

It's been like a rollercoaster ride..and I ready to give it up..because I felt sick and freaking tired..of all surrounding bullshit..and I can feel that this ride going nowhere..

Before it's too late to turning back..I have to stop it before it getting out of hand..the burden in my hand..and I was miserable all the time..I can't pretend to have a hundred percent more more more acts..because everything seem fade to black now..

This is probably the last time I will write about my curse in love..this is not supposed to be a love blog..damn..enough already..

The End..