Thursday, November 27, 2008

Confession of a drama king

This month going to end soon..Three days left actually..And even it's not ending yet..but still it's full of sadness, sorrow, pressure, hatred, back stabbing, double cross and whatever elements that look negative and spoil my mood of working..

Hotelier is an actor on his borrowed platform..The stage is the restaurant that provide all the prob and the customer is the audience..That mean you have to become a drama king to perform a soap opera everyday..

Are all this actors and actresses were been in screened before?..Yes, but few of them are only playing a supporting roles that just complete the quota..We still need a key roles to run the show and make the drama interesting..And currently we short on that area..Someone that provide jokes, happiness, caring, a hero type of guy..

I'm not a hero type..probably a bad actor, I not even can stand straight in the briefing..But I'm concern about what will happen when this soap opera lost perhaps one of the most beloved and hatred actor when he don't have anymore inspiration to be part of the drama? Are the sets will be falling apart? And who's the fault of all this chaos? Perhaps too many screenwriters spoil the drama and become a laughing stock among the audiences..What happen to the future actors that probably dying to get a role to play?..What's the director action on this..Cut!

To be continue..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grow as a champion..Move it, move it..

This evening was a great day to chill out with my nephews at Suria's TGV. They kinda like to hang out here since they first knew how to go to KLCC by LRT. It's exhausted but it was fun watching them playing, running, jumping, they not scared of anything, especially the young and beautiful Farzana. She's not even 2 years old yet but she can count to ten better than her second brother, Aidil.
What the joyous moment they flying without wings.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday, for the first time after long, long years..I took some guts to take pictures around Jalan Pinang and Jalan P.Ramlee. The view and scenery was perfect for this new hobby of mine..Luckily for me..I have Awie and Arab followed me..and Awie especially, really into this photography..I think he got a talent that need to be polish a little bit..Never too late to learn a new things..Even our greatest leader, Tun Dr. Mahathir started a blog that inspired millions of Malaysian to join forces..Such an inspiration for y-generation..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cantonese Egg Noodle.

After long period of working in the closing shift, this November bring a new chapter of my life. I am assigned to work in the morning for whole month. It's not like I never had to to work in morning before, it's just a work anyway. You have to set the alarm as early as 5am, sleep early, forget about early morning football match, clubbing, drinking etc. You have to wake up fresh from hangover of last night partying, or else you will seen as sleepy hollow.
My part in the morning need me to be cheerful, smiley face, and the most important part, fresh awake. I'm not a breakfast type of guy, I prefer a cigarette to start. And a cup of low fat latte.
Breakfast at this month especially on working days was so busy. We have lots of group coming. The good part is you can see how they dressed up for breakfast. Young attractive ladies perhaps the one that most probably been served well.
"would you like to start with a cup of coffee or tea?" " and a freshly squish orange juice as well?" been repeatedly asked hundreds of time by the angels aka customer service girls for in-house guests who walk in. Coffee or tea must been served within 2 minutes or in some cases 3 minutes for a latte or cappuccino. All in the fast moves. You can't walk like a model, you have to turn over the table as quick as you can for other guest who arrived. 300 covers everyday. Busy? It's normal. They used a term of tsunami, mean when they come one short at one time and leaving exactly the same. Then second tsunami came the table was like eighty percent ready, this time the back runner should be fast on getting the coffee cup ready, the buffet checked clean, the cutlery enough, everything in order.
The funny part of breakfast is when group of Chinese tourist came, they like their breakfast very well. They enjoy it too much they can seat for an hour. For the European or American they have their breakfast fast. A cup of coffee, some toast with choice of egg style, poach egg, over easy, sunny side up, scramble, soft boiled, hard boiled, and omelet.
A breakfast is finished at 10.30am and it will be continue the day after. And some short period of time, I was running from all of this busy things for a puff-puff after finish my latte and a bowl of egg noodle.