Sunday, December 28, 2008


New year 2009 will be coming in few more days..and I really hope..this 2009 will be a year that bring me more joys and happiness..
Lets hope that all the sadness and sorrow in 2008 will not be repeat again next least for me..

What I wish for in 2009 will be..
a) better financial in term of check and balance of my account..
b) have a steady relationship..although I will not bet for it!
c) possess a driving license..and buy a's about time already!
d) own a Visa or Mastercard..
e) limit the entertainment hours..that I can't promise but I will try!
f) becoming a wine's still on hold!
g) travel to Hong Kong and Russia..start collecting dollars or euros..
h) learning more about IT and a laptop..
i) more collection on DVD...that's not cheap..but still safe money from going to TGV..
j) going to Metallica concert!...that's more like a dream..
if ever they will come to this part of the world....

I know some of this wish list depend directly to myself..but that's a challenge..and I hope one of these days it will happen and I will prove that it will never too late..

Marry? That will come sooner rather than later..because I really don't know if there is someone waiting for me..but I can't reject it if the time is right..I can only pray that one bride will come knocking at my door..hahaha..

2008..thanks for all the good memories..
2009..wishing for all the good things becoming a reality..

Good bye 2008..Adios
Welcome 2009..Salute

Friday, December 26, 2008

All the broken promises...

Whatever happen tomorrow..I will not working as a server anymore..
Enough is enough..they can't treat me like a ball..
Passed me around whenever they like..

I've been promised to move to the new outlet after X'mas day..
I was happy and excited and eagerly looking forward for it..
They can't shattered my dream just because they don't have enough personnel to work with..
All the talking become nothing anymore..they can't simply put a shift for me after my name was not even on the list after X'mas day..

As far as I'm soul was not belong in Sudu anymore..I gave all my four years already and I appreciate all the cooperation from all my coleagues and managers during my period as a team member..and I can't thank enough for all the sacrifies and hard work from
all my team members during my year as a team leader..truth is I will miss you guys a lot..

But let bygone be bygone....whatever happen in Sudu should stay in Sudu..and that the bottom line..allow me to move peacefully without hassle and problem..let me create a new chapter in my career and whenever if possible, I will still can help Sudu in a different ways..

To the person who responsible for making a decision..just let me go..this last few months already unsettled my life and future..I really need this transfer..I know it is a hard decision to make..but flashback..I was not asked for was offered and I'm glad and honour..It was like an amateur footballer been offered to play for a higher league team..May all the wish come true..

I will not change my mind..and that's an ultimatum..someday I will be a sommelier..and I will do whatever it take to make this happen..starting from today..
God Bless.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Feel like a deja vu, again..

Tonight is an annual dinner at the hotel...the night that gathered all personnel in every department to chill out, hang out and party..

Last year I won the main lucky draw prize..6 days and 5 nights to Sydney, Australia..

This time around I will not attend the party..since I been chosen to work on closing shift..Too bad, they will miss my antics..

So to every hoteliers out there, this is your night..enjoy it..
keep the alcohol volume low!

And hopefully the magic works wonder for me, twice!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

All's well that ends well and other comedies....

After all the Shakespeare's drama about the new chapter of my life, today I will wearing a new uniform and begin my career as a wine agent..and hopefully one day I'll becoming a Wine Sommelier..

Becoming this is perhaps a wish comes true..No one can deny me anymore..After all the talk, meeting with the director, and several months delayed and nothing to be confirmed,
I'll be joining the wine team unofficially, because I'll only start on 26th December..but I still be working in Sudu and it is my absolute pleasure to show people what's my capable off.

So wish me all the luck and.. I will be continue to deliver..


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ola...Happy Hours!

The good thing becoming a hotelier is that you can be friend with stranger as it was your job as required...and what a possibly the no risk place to find a stranger was in the fun places like the pubs, bars, gigs or sometimes on the road..
They are from all over the world..I met a lady who was from Costa Rica the other night...she's a good friend to chat with..and she knew about football that I can consider very rare among women in Malaysia..She's a sports fan as well..and it was a good thing to start a conversation..
And the hours become more fun when the live footie shown on screen...and the beers keep flowing...What the way to enjoy your happy hours...
Johanna Vargas Chinchilla..Thanks for the chat...Keep it real!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Confession of a drama king

This month going to end soon..Three days left actually..And even it's not ending yet..but still it's full of sadness, sorrow, pressure, hatred, back stabbing, double cross and whatever elements that look negative and spoil my mood of working..

Hotelier is an actor on his borrowed platform..The stage is the restaurant that provide all the prob and the customer is the audience..That mean you have to become a drama king to perform a soap opera everyday..

Are all this actors and actresses were been in screened before?..Yes, but few of them are only playing a supporting roles that just complete the quota..We still need a key roles to run the show and make the drama interesting..And currently we short on that area..Someone that provide jokes, happiness, caring, a hero type of guy..

I'm not a hero type..probably a bad actor, I not even can stand straight in the briefing..But I'm concern about what will happen when this soap opera lost perhaps one of the most beloved and hatred actor when he don't have anymore inspiration to be part of the drama? Are the sets will be falling apart? And who's the fault of all this chaos? Perhaps too many screenwriters spoil the drama and become a laughing stock among the audiences..What happen to the future actors that probably dying to get a role to play?..What's the director action on this..Cut!

To be continue..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grow as a champion..Move it, move it..

This evening was a great day to chill out with my nephews at Suria's TGV. They kinda like to hang out here since they first knew how to go to KLCC by LRT. It's exhausted but it was fun watching them playing, running, jumping, they not scared of anything, especially the young and beautiful Farzana. She's not even 2 years old yet but she can count to ten better than her second brother, Aidil.
What the joyous moment they flying without wings.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday, for the first time after long, long years..I took some guts to take pictures around Jalan Pinang and Jalan P.Ramlee. The view and scenery was perfect for this new hobby of mine..Luckily for me..I have Awie and Arab followed me..and Awie especially, really into this photography..I think he got a talent that need to be polish a little bit..Never too late to learn a new things..Even our greatest leader, Tun Dr. Mahathir started a blog that inspired millions of Malaysian to join forces..Such an inspiration for y-generation..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cantonese Egg Noodle.

After long period of working in the closing shift, this November bring a new chapter of my life. I am assigned to work in the morning for whole month. It's not like I never had to to work in morning before, it's just a work anyway. You have to set the alarm as early as 5am, sleep early, forget about early morning football match, clubbing, drinking etc. You have to wake up fresh from hangover of last night partying, or else you will seen as sleepy hollow.
My part in the morning need me to be cheerful, smiley face, and the most important part, fresh awake. I'm not a breakfast type of guy, I prefer a cigarette to start. And a cup of low fat latte.
Breakfast at this month especially on working days was so busy. We have lots of group coming. The good part is you can see how they dressed up for breakfast. Young attractive ladies perhaps the one that most probably been served well.
"would you like to start with a cup of coffee or tea?" " and a freshly squish orange juice as well?" been repeatedly asked hundreds of time by the angels aka customer service girls for in-house guests who walk in. Coffee or tea must been served within 2 minutes or in some cases 3 minutes for a latte or cappuccino. All in the fast moves. You can't walk like a model, you have to turn over the table as quick as you can for other guest who arrived. 300 covers everyday. Busy? It's normal. They used a term of tsunami, mean when they come one short at one time and leaving exactly the same. Then second tsunami came the table was like eighty percent ready, this time the back runner should be fast on getting the coffee cup ready, the buffet checked clean, the cutlery enough, everything in order.
The funny part of breakfast is when group of Chinese tourist came, they like their breakfast very well. They enjoy it too much they can seat for an hour. For the European or American they have their breakfast fast. A cup of coffee, some toast with choice of egg style, poach egg, over easy, sunny side up, scramble, soft boiled, hard boiled, and omelet.
A breakfast is finished at 10.30am and it will be continue the day after. And some short period of time, I was running from all of this busy things for a puff-puff after finish my latte and a bowl of egg noodle.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Aidilfitri come again!

In conjuction with Aidilfitri, I would like to wish all my viewers, Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir dan Batin. My blog will resume its story starting today. Lots of thing happen during Ramadhan and mostly all the time work took my time off. But I'm glad everyone celebrate Raya with happiness eventhough Ana lost her phone while watching movie, KAMI. Too sad because she love the phone so much. She won it on Nokia Challenge last year and that phone brought her to Rome, Italy for holiday. Not her 'rezeki'. If only she just stick to her plan buy a book at KLCC rather than continue with Kami.
I feel bad as well. The N95 was the first expensive model that ever land in our home. And loads of pics and vids on her phone.
Anyway, the memory remains.and nothing else matters. If only the day that ndver come.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Open letter to S.A.F.

This morning, I witness the defeat of Man U at Monte Carlo against Zenit St. Petersburg of Russia. Totally outplayed. It's a reality check for Man U to look for an alternative for Cristiano Ronaldo. Last season saw the champion depend too much on No. 7 for his goal scoring and play making. The truth is Man U need a well proven striker who can deliver goals when it needed most. Now it is time to buy someone that can score 20 goals per season before the transfer dateline closed on 1st September.
Buy Berbatov now!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saving? I need an accountant!

Is it hard to spend money? Sometime it so easy to blow our money away.. Buy some cute shirts, buy some cute pants, spend drinks with friends..clubbing, open bottles..etc..
But the main question is how to spend money in good way?
I really can't answer that..for me, money is like water, easy come and easy goes..
But one of this day, I will need to save my money..I intend to travel to Europe next year..If I can save like a thousand per month for six month..I can be at Moscow around April or May next year..If I can save less that that..five hundreds for example, maybe I can go visit my dearest friend at Hong Kong next year..But anyhow, I need to start saving..I'm planning to travel next year and I really hope my friends will understand that I can't spend like before..
I need someone who can guide me, be my accountant..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make me an offer that I can't refuse.

Every establish companies set the target for their employees to achieve and every 6 month, there will be some kind of performance development review. This is one of the most important time when all good and bad about yourself and your work will be reveal...

My PDR this year overall were acceptable..there were few areas for improvement and I admit I'm getting to the point that sometime I lack on people management...I tend to improve on that with more training on supervisory skills and so on..

But I'm glad that this is a chance for me to show what I really interest in..beverage. Since I can be a master on service side..the opportunity to polish back my knowledge in wine and beverage is one thing that need to be grab..So the offer from the Head Sommelier to join the Wine Team is once in the life time opportunity..An offer that I can't refuse..

Now is the time to move on to the next level. Ever since I left Lafite years ago, I never thought that one day I will involve seriously on wine again..I really looking forward to work with the best wine sommelier in Malaysia, Mr Roderick..I even managed to get a full score, 100% on his wine test conducted a few months ago..perhaps this was a prove that I really interested in his lecturer, theory and practical. His words remind me of someone that I really admired long ago back in my old place. His drive and passion to become the first Maitre 'd was a talk in town among hoteliers, to work with him was a memorable experiences although it end with a sour note..sigh!

So when these will be happen? It all depends when a suitable person will replace my position..I talk to my manager about the possibility of promoting one of the team member and I really hope it will one day happen and change my future..

That's a plan B.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Working in hospitality industry entrusted you to meet people in all kind of situation..You have to be prepare for the worst scenario..Complaint or bad comment was like your games..If the situation getting prolonged, you might end up with E.N.T or in common word, free of charge.
The moment I choose this line, there's no turning back. I need to sacrifice and I am doing that for years now..One who understand hotelliers is more likely had worked in the industry before..Do I need to tell more?
When you get a trust from your manager, don't ever lost that trusted. In future it will benefit you if you a 'kaki ampu' a bit. There was no wrong to bodek a bit, buy a few drink, makan, but don't expect the reward as soon as posible. It took a loyalty person for this to work on your own. It means once the perangkap kena, then you will see your bright side.
But somewhere and somehow, people on your side will wonder what good this person had done to achieve this and that. Then when the time is not right, someone will question your motive and it be a disaster if you not have a Plan B.
Plan B? To be continue...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boy 2 man

My smart nephew, Along Nabil is on his way to school. His passion for wrestling make him want to skip class last monday to watch The Great American Bash!. He knew all the WWE Superstars names and his favourite is Batista eventhough he lost to CM Punk that day. Yeah, The Animal was snub by Kane.

Becoming an uncle, again!

On the last sunday evening, my sister in law gave birth to a precious baby girl, Jada Kyra. So on this oppurtunity, I would like to congrats my Bro, Acat and her wife Juan. It worth waiting for nine months. And to my instant nephew, Daniel, congrats to you too..Now you can take good care of your little sister..Keep me posted on her development..
Again, welcome to the world Ms Jada Kyra bt Mohd Khalid Rashad!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ana's song

One memorable night at the Laundry the other day, coincidently my off day, she was performing with the marhaens; aidit, andy fp, booty's brothers, rumie and alfa and iqbal. Catch Ana and the Marhaens at Setiawangsa for Girrlls Gig on this Friday. Good Luck!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Everyone, once in their lifetime, surely had been to the hotel before. 3 stars, 4 stars or even 5 stars hotels..whatever it means, people demand service accordingly..since people pay loads of money to some fancy foods and beverages..
Hotel industry demands enthusiastic people to work with them..among the criteria that they want is people that can be 'heavy duty'..reliable..all sensitivity..enough strenght and 'tahan maki' kind should also can work with all level of management, the most important thing is loyalty, eventhough that was hard to get, since there are lots of competitors among us..
Perhaps you wonder what is the issue here, work is work, at the end of the day, you will get a nice paycheck depend on how many points you will get..
The issue is sometimes people don't know how stress and tension it be when you are been held responsible for such task that demand your time and energy..eventhough your shift already past, your job still required you to stay back, finish your side duties, other for replenishment at your bar, check your requisition, count your inventories. it never end until you thump out of the building..
I'm pity for one of my buddy collegue, at the young age of thirty one, he got a heart attack recently, lucky for him, he get to the hospital enough time to received a medication and admitted to the I.C.U..hope and pray to God..though he is tough breed person, he is still good at heart to people who know him..
Get well soon Mr A.M.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A great escape II

It been a relaxing weekend, with no hassle, not even a single call can dampen my holiday break. This was absolutely a getaway from busy weekdays.

A great escape

After a tireless month, a journey to Perhentian Island was a worth it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's a destiny..The tribute

Lightning strike twice...and this time it last till the end..who will guest the ending like that..Salute to Manchester United, The Tsar of Europe, The King of the Kings..Hail the new prince, Cristiano Ronaldo, the goal machine..even with the missed penalty kick, the team never let their spirit down..Enter the living legend, Ryan Giggs..I'm so proud to growth along side him as Man United most capped player in the history...759th's like yesterday when I first saw him as teenager back in 1991..Remember the semi-final of FA Cup 1998, his sprints against 5 Arsenal players and scored what would be one of the greatest goal in FA Cup history..Year of The Treble.

Who will deny Edwin Van der Sar contribution to the whole drama..Paul Scholes will second it..his long overdue medal was worth waiting.. Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, both equal in quality and leadership, soldier the defence in high and low, with Wes Brown and Patrice Evra couple in both attacking full back, the defence was exceptional. Micheal Carrick and Owen Hargreaves, the two Englishmen who never let us down, the young guns, Nani and Anderson..they will living their life in a perfect way if they follow the footsteps of Wayne Rooney, who himself is still in early 20's and the best Argies that ever played in premier league, Carlos Tevez.

Finally, the greatest manager of them all, the Godfather of English football, Sir Alex Ferguson. Kudos to him, this is the third team he created in his 22 long years..The first was with King Eric Cantona, the second was with the Fergie's Fledgings; David Beckham, the Neville brothers, Gary and Phil, Scholes, Nicky Butt, and Giggs, and the third team who currently Sir Alex described as the best team his ever had, with the world player of the year-elect, the young Portuguese, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney..Salute to the Champion of 10th English Premier League titles and third European Champion glory!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet Emotion.

I am looking forward for the finale of Champion League this coming Thursday. It happen to be my day off. I still remember the last time I saw Red Devil in action circa 1999, two late goals by the supersubs won the game for Manchester United. The trauma of 90 minutes without goal still hurting every die hard fans. I remember my late sister, Ima can't hardly watch it. It's like your heart beat so fast, you never knew what going to happen next. Enter Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. Two great supersubs that would change the entire life forever. Who can't forget that magical night at Nou Camp. That morning, 5a.m Malaysian Time, we both celebrate it like there's no end. Come 2008, it's been 5 years since she passed away. And last 17th of May, was her 35th anniversary. This finale is for you, Wilma Halira. May God be with you and our team and will win it for old time sake. Al-Fatihah.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Never too late

For me, it's never too late to learn a new thing. Late bloomer. It happpen. Sometimes it occur to me that I need to fulfill my life with new things..Things that I had never imagine it would happen to me..It's not that I am virgin or something..haha..what I'm meaning is you have to gamble to achieve need a courage to do mountain climbing, bungy jumping, skiing, things that you can't imagine you will do it..To tell the truth..I want to do one thing that fear me most..driving!.. I want to learn from scratch..get a licence..not buy it..It's kind a strange, I never have time to sit for driving test..haha..maybe perhaps I am so convenience with using LRT or any public transportation as my vehicle..perhaps I don't have any obligation to buy a car or drive one..or maybe I'm too lazy for it..Never too late..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Unfinish business Part II

Life is full of commitment...that is something that I lack at..Working in hospitality industry need a full focus on job task and responsibility..I try to give and take..but it seem like the more you give the less you getting worst when people depend to you..I've been in this industry for ages..but still there is new thing need to learn..Life is like an education..but where is the you think about it!

Listen without prejudice.

I'd never listen to Brit Rock except Oasis and Blur. But after Muse came to KL last year, it seem like their music will forever alive. You can't stop hearing about it. Muse's music is part of our generation. Listen live! you won't regret. Rock on!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Unfinish business.

Life is like water. Sometimes it can be still..Mean that normal, regular, predictable, straight to your mouth..I need more of it lately..getting thirsty..drink a lot.
But whenever you like it sparkling, it getting to your mind that you need a bubble in your head. For whatever reason, sparkling water not regularly drink by Malaysian. Out of 10, maybe 2 or 3 order for sparkling water..Infact Malaysia not even produced sparkling bottle if not mistaken. But why it very popular among Mat Salehs? Think about it. I'll be back

Glory, glory, Man United

Tonight, after 10 month waiting, it was worth it.bought an original replica jersey. Champion!

Glory, glory, Man United

Tonight, after 10 month waiting, it was worth it.bought an original replica jersey. Champion!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008