Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I started to wrote again.. I promise myself not to write anything about my previous life as a hotelier.. Perhaps it's just a reminder for not open up any wounds.. But believe this.. I miss a career in hotel line.. I spent a five good, bad and worst years in Hilton.. and I missed all that moments..

As a former hotelier.. I can tell you that a hotelier always be a hotelier out of the hotel.. You met someone and you will nod.. you will smile.. and at least you may wish him or her Hi!.. it's just part of your life.. and part of your bring out in hotel.. And sometimes this things came as a simple gesture as you were believed in that way.. people will recognize you..

So.. in this opportunity.. I never burn any bridge.. I never say I won't be working in any hotel ever again.. and I never say never again.. but in this short period.. I wish I never quit.. I wish I fight my job to my last breath.. Even though I may regret the outcome.. But what done was done.. and I long moving on.. Build up a new career that I can't guarantee have a effect moments like a life as a hotelier.. My two cents.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to the future. Year 2011.

Yes. Finally the writer has come back to his blog..
I have decided to return after 2 years in exiled..
And this time, no more life as a hotelier.. no more bullshit about love, drug and other things..

I've new ambition now.. To be just plain me..
No more Mr. Yes Guy. No more Mr. Obey Guy. No more Mr. Nice guy
I want to be Me, Myself and I..

And on this opportunity, I would like to thanks all my readers who ever landed to this blog.. well, I don't asked you to understand the reason behind my nonappearance.. but I hope.. I will write more bout my experience after life in hotel and other things.. and I wish all my readers a very big thank you.

Again... Thanks to all.. I'm Back!