Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Special edition..the 50th issues..

Dear readers..

it's been a while since I wrote to my blog..and coincidently this is the 50th edition and it's quite an achievement for me..and hopefully it will going on strong until another 50..and so on..

for this special edition..I guess it is proper to flashback what move me to start blogging..at the first place..it all started as an experimental yet it became as a hobby and one of the ways to interact in this cyberworld..I admit I was not into this seriously..but time passing by..it was like an education..I am still learning..everyday..

for this special edition..perhaps it will be okay if I do a little bit of introduction about myself..I am a hotelier working in one of the leading hotel in Kuala Lumpur..I am in the F&B outlets and currently work as a wine agent..for people who know nothing about wine..wine is like an adult fruit juice..and my job is to convinced and offered the good wine for the guests..gave some advise about the choice of wine pairing with their dishes..something like what goes well with cod fish..a nice glass of sauvignon blanc..just to give an easy example..perhaps this is probably a dream job for me..I want to go further in this industry and learn every aspects about wine making and tasting..and I am living a dream becoming a wine sommelier one day..

and for this special edition..perhaps it is relevant to write what is behind the title still or sparkling..well the words spontaneously uttered as a question of what was the choices of your prefered mineral water..and when the right after guests were seated..the server will pop out that question..and it gave me a goosebump..

well..thanks for all the visitors who just maybe accidently open this blog..and to all fellow bloggers and readers..thanks for all your supports and comments..and keep on blogging in this free world..

for another 50 issues..congrats to Harris Raffali for creating the ideas..well honestly it still in need of new developments and rooms for improvements..for any suggestion you can email me at harrisraffali@gmail.com or add me in the facebook..