Sunday, December 28, 2008


New year 2009 will be coming in few more days..and I really hope..this 2009 will be a year that bring me more joys and happiness..
Lets hope that all the sadness and sorrow in 2008 will not be repeat again next least for me..

What I wish for in 2009 will be..
a) better financial in term of check and balance of my account..
b) have a steady relationship..although I will not bet for it!
c) possess a driving license..and buy a's about time already!
d) own a Visa or Mastercard..
e) limit the entertainment hours..that I can't promise but I will try!
f) becoming a wine's still on hold!
g) travel to Hong Kong and Russia..start collecting dollars or euros..
h) learning more about IT and a laptop..
i) more collection on DVD...that's not cheap..but still safe money from going to TGV..
j) going to Metallica concert!...that's more like a dream..
if ever they will come to this part of the world....

I know some of this wish list depend directly to myself..but that's a challenge..and I hope one of these days it will happen and I will prove that it will never too late..

Marry? That will come sooner rather than later..because I really don't know if there is someone waiting for me..but I can't reject it if the time is right..I can only pray that one bride will come knocking at my door..hahaha..

2008..thanks for all the good memories..
2009..wishing for all the good things becoming a reality..

Good bye 2008..Adios
Welcome 2009..Salute

Friday, December 26, 2008

All the broken promises...

Whatever happen tomorrow..I will not working as a server anymore..
Enough is enough..they can't treat me like a ball..
Passed me around whenever they like..

I've been promised to move to the new outlet after X'mas day..
I was happy and excited and eagerly looking forward for it..
They can't shattered my dream just because they don't have enough personnel to work with..
All the talking become nothing anymore..they can't simply put a shift for me after my name was not even on the list after X'mas day..

As far as I'm soul was not belong in Sudu anymore..I gave all my four years already and I appreciate all the cooperation from all my coleagues and managers during my period as a team member..and I can't thank enough for all the sacrifies and hard work from
all my team members during my year as a team leader..truth is I will miss you guys a lot..

But let bygone be bygone....whatever happen in Sudu should stay in Sudu..and that the bottom line..allow me to move peacefully without hassle and problem..let me create a new chapter in my career and whenever if possible, I will still can help Sudu in a different ways..

To the person who responsible for making a decision..just let me go..this last few months already unsettled my life and future..I really need this transfer..I know it is a hard decision to make..but flashback..I was not asked for was offered and I'm glad and honour..It was like an amateur footballer been offered to play for a higher league team..May all the wish come true..

I will not change my mind..and that's an ultimatum..someday I will be a sommelier..and I will do whatever it take to make this happen..starting from today..
God Bless.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Feel like a deja vu, again..

Tonight is an annual dinner at the hotel...the night that gathered all personnel in every department to chill out, hang out and party..

Last year I won the main lucky draw prize..6 days and 5 nights to Sydney, Australia..

This time around I will not attend the party..since I been chosen to work on closing shift..Too bad, they will miss my antics..

So to every hoteliers out there, this is your night..enjoy it..
keep the alcohol volume low!

And hopefully the magic works wonder for me, twice!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

All's well that ends well and other comedies....

After all the Shakespeare's drama about the new chapter of my life, today I will wearing a new uniform and begin my career as a wine agent..and hopefully one day I'll becoming a Wine Sommelier..

Becoming this is perhaps a wish comes true..No one can deny me anymore..After all the talk, meeting with the director, and several months delayed and nothing to be confirmed,
I'll be joining the wine team unofficially, because I'll only start on 26th December..but I still be working in Sudu and it is my absolute pleasure to show people what's my capable off.

So wish me all the luck and.. I will be continue to deliver..


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ola...Happy Hours!

The good thing becoming a hotelier is that you can be friend with stranger as it was your job as required...and what a possibly the no risk place to find a stranger was in the fun places like the pubs, bars, gigs or sometimes on the road..
They are from all over the world..I met a lady who was from Costa Rica the other night...she's a good friend to chat with..and she knew about football that I can consider very rare among women in Malaysia..She's a sports fan as well..and it was a good thing to start a conversation..
And the hours become more fun when the live footie shown on screen...and the beers keep flowing...What the way to enjoy your happy hours...
Johanna Vargas Chinchilla..Thanks for the chat...Keep it real!