Friday, January 30, 2009

All about a letter c...with the Capital..

A few words begin with a letter C that soon becoming a burden in my hands...

Commitment....depends on time, energy and space..

I need to give a full commitment to a person I love..that is why I scare to commit.. I don't have enough time for a hotellier, eight hours on shift never been enough..I still have to do extra hours that sad to say..never counted as overtime..and after long hours work..I can't have a full energy to meet her..I will become jaged and tired..and to erased that I want to have some space for myself..this is when 'happy hours' was important to energizes my spirit..and it already damaged my pocket..

Committed....on what you love to do..

Working in hospitality industry..I already commited to my jobs, work place, team members and how is it possible to make more on my love life..since it will divide my full attention on already hectic schedule?..

Career....on long term planning..

After more than four years in the same's time to move on..and when that happen..
I need to be ready..I already in the Wine Team now..the job that required me more reading, learning and understood wine to do the talking and upselling..and for the long term plan..becoming a wine sommelier will be a great prospect for my future..that's my goal in two years time.. and to have someone that share my dream will be great..but am I willing to sacrify all that just because she can't ? an X.P.D.C. once popular kindergarden song..

C..Cinta ku yang satu..
I..Impian yang nyata..
N..Nikmat yang berbeda..
T..Tanpa pengertian..
A..Antara kau-aku..

Lost in translation?
My love one..
the dream is real..
the satisfaction was different..
without explanation..
between you and me..

to be continue..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Living a dream..

Dear all..

I know it's hard to begin the story without the's a main subject..and it's important to have a good story to begin the new year..
But my story so far began with a sad note..that I lost my SonyEricsson the new year morning..I just used it for about 8 months and suddenly it feels like my whole life turn upside down....It feel like the world was collapsed..and I been struck by lightning and no one knew nothing about it..totally chaos..and the worst brother also lost his Nokia N95 on the same week...and he really love that phone..he won it on the contest that brought him and Ana to Rome for 8 days..Poor Khalil..Good Luck on AF7 tomorrow!
It's back with a reality check..that without a phone you can still enjoy life..alone!