Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back for good..

Welcome back to all..readers who waiting for the next's been a while since I write here..and I really wish I have something to share about..

This month of August is a Ramadhan month.. for Muslim like's all about not having a meal from dusk till liquid no's all about fasting..

It's tough for a hotelier especially those who working in the restaurant..the aroma of the chicken curry during breakfast time was enough to tempting your spirit..and the smell of fresh orange was enough to make you thirst..that was only a first hour of fasting period..imagine the rest eleven those who can survive the first day are not guarantee to survive the next come the a Tan Sri P. Ramlee's one of classic movie..Pendekar Bujang Lapok..coming the second'll see a lot of so call fasting people..will quietly dissappear..based on my takes two to tango..and it takes three to poison your willing..but anyway..I guess those who completed the fasting for whole month must be rewarded with Raya leave or something..once I fulfill the holy month but yet I still celebrated Raya at Sudu kitchen with all the not-get-leave-for-Raya team members..

This year in the wine team..I had been guarantee a Raya holidays..and I really appreciate it..although my favourite nephews and niece are all celebrating Raya at India..but I'm sure Nabil, Aidil and Farzana will always remember their uncles and aunties..not to forget Little Miss Jada Kyra who will spark my Raya mood with her laugh and smile..wish she can start walking during Raya..but even I don't mind carry her all the time..

So in this oppurtunity..I wish all my Muslim readers..a happy fasting month and hope your Ramadhan Al-Mubarak will be a good month..insyaallah..

Last but not least..don't forget to watch my singer-songwriter's sister Ana Raffali at 8tv during Raya..she composed a new Raya song..which I don't like it at the first time..if possible..
Selamat Berpuasa..