Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't try this at home!!!

My late grandfather liked wrestling so much.. I remembered Tok Kerdau loved to talk about his favorite wrestler, Hulk Hogan.. Back then it was W.W.F. and the show aired at television months after it had shown at USA.. It's like a delayed broadcast.. and I was like 6 or seven years old.. my older brother too like the wrestling so much.. those were the days of Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage 'Macho Man', RIP..

I grew up with WWF wrestling as a kid.. back then the back pages of Utusan Malaysia always written a story about wrestling.. so I followed all the ups and lows about all my favorite wrestlers including Bret 'The Hit Man' Hart.. he was so energetic in the ring until he got screwed by the WWF General Manager, Mr McMahon himself..

So why all this story about wrestling anyway? Well, I have two young nephews ages 8 and 7 years old who love wrestling like their uncles.. especially the eldest, he even had a blog about his favorite WWE Superstars.. he knows all the finishing moves and techniques.. he collect the WWE toys and and he even beat me in wrestling matches!!! in a PlayStation 2 anyway.. He is so good with the games, bullying me with his superb skills and tactics.. I have to ask him to give me a chance to beat his WWE superstar first.. well they lied and beat me without hesitation.. but I love them.. they will be flying back to India in a few days time.. I guess I can easily beat them 6-0 in a football (they call it soccer back then) match any day at the PS2!!

As a tribute to my affectionate in wrestling that make my both nephews, Nabil and Aidil who like to imitate their favorite superstars, I present to you one of my favorites and also the most talk about match of all time..
The Montreal Screw Job 1997

Enjoy responsibly and please: Don't Try This At Home!!!

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